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Thank you for visiting our Janus Group website. We hope your time will be well spent as you browse through our School and Business uses of web technology.

The Janus Group, from its inception in 1996, has focused on one major theme, The Power of the Web as a new tool for organizational communications.

Previous generations knew full well that paper answers, as a solution to organization communications, was outmoded, expensive, and labor intensive. But with the introduction of the web and browser enabled tools available to everyone, a remarkable breakthrough to a better way has been found. The folks here at Janus strive to search out those communication opportunities which only the web can take to full potential. On this site, we hope you find some answers to your own communication challenges.

Know that we stand ready to develop a complete web strategy and web presence in a website for you or we can add, if nothing more, an additional application service feature or two on your existing web site.

We feel that our innovative applications, as demonstrated here on our site, are only touching the surface of future opportunities and we intend to keep reaching for more innovative, intuitive and informative ways to do things. Please look at our site with your "what if" hat on and try to imagine how our application services might work with your organization's culture and your company website ( an existing one or one built for you by us) in order to create a family of communication solutions for improvement.

We hope and look forward to hearing from you and promise you that we will work with you in a personal and creative manner.

Tyler Potterfield, Founder, President
and CEO of The Janus Group, Inc.

Southgate Square
2744 U.S. Highway 1 South
St. Augustine, FL 32086

Phone: 904-797-1181   

Mr. Potterfield is a graduate of the University of Florida and has over 35 years experience in executive management of insurance and health provider companies. He was Regional Manager of a major insurance brokerage for twenty-one years before founding and serving as CEO of one of the largest benefits administrators in Florida and a leading provider of administrative services for employer health plans.
He earned his Chartered Life Underwriter Degree (CLU) in 1964 and holds other graduate certificates in management, investments, and federal taxation. He was conferred the Huebner Heritage Award in 1975 by his peers as the outstanding CLU. The General Agents and Managers Conference of the U.S. awarded him Life Recipient of the National Management Award.

Mr. Potterfield's professional activities have included being the President of the Jacksonville Society of Chartered Life underwriters and Chairman of the CLU Educational Trust. He has also served as President of the Mental Health Clinic of Duval County, and Director of the YMCA and the United Way. He is often a featured speaker on children's health and other health delivery issues, and served on a task force of state policy regarding children's health issues, sponsored by The University of Florida Institute for Child Health Policy.