Employment Application Management System

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New levels of effectiveness for your school district's web site.

EAMS empowers principals, department heads, administrators, and your district's Personnel Department to work together in a streamlined virtual environment to request, approve, and advertise employment positions, collect electronic applications for those positions, and then to review, classify, annotate, and process those applications...

  • any time of day, any day,
  • as often as it's needed,
  • from almost any computer, almost anywhere*.

No special training or equipment is required. 

*System requirements: any computer with standard browser software and Internet connection available.

What is EAMS?

A web-based service for school districts of all sizes
EAMS is an Internet based application software service for managing the advertisement of position vacancies, then collecting and processing applications for them.  Specifically designed to meet the personnel needs of small to mid-sized school districts, EAMS is available at four levels of implementation (click each for more)...

  • Level One: EAMS Basic

    EAMS Basic is a minimal "starter" system for distributing employment applications. Your existing employment application forms are digitized and made into downloadable PDF files for the applicant to print, fill in, and mail.


  • Level Two: EAMS Core

    EAMS Core provides a means for the Personnel Department to post position advertisements to the web pages where the downloadable forms are available.


  • Level Three: EAMS Complete

    EAMS Complete is the entire EAMS system described in more detail below.


  • Level Four: EAMS Plus

    EAMS Plus enhances EAMS Complete with the addition of Public Relations and Recruitment information, providing the prospective applicant with more information about the School District and its environs.

The remainder of this document describes EAMS Complete.

Who uses EAMS?

EAMS provides a simple, easy to use, web-based interface for authorized users to enter, retrieve, and process employment position related information.  EAMS has modules for:

  • Principals, Administrators, and Department Heads, who use EAMS to request that a position vacancy be filled, then to review and take action on applications for those positions.

  • The Personnel Department, which uses EAMS to obtain BOE approval and post advertisements for those positions, then to collect and process applications for them.

  • The Board of Education, which uses EAMS to review and take action on recommendations from Personnel.

  • Prospective employees, who use EAMS to investigate and apply for positions with the district.

What does the program do?

EAMS provides a centralized information and communications source for all departments involved in the district's employment advertising and application processing procedure.

EAMS maintains a database of job descriptions, position vacancies, application deadlines, received applications, notations, and other information as required throughout the position-filling process.  It makes this information available as appropriate for the user of the system through a variety of specialized interfaces, each tied to the user's role in the procedure.

How does it work?

EAMS works through the Internet, using easy web-based forms and familiar, web-style controls to store, retrieve, collate and process information.

For prospective employees, EAMS appears as an integrated section of your school district's web site.  As with any other web page, users simply point and click to access current vacancies, download application forms, and fill in and submit online applications.

For district administrators, school principals, and department heads, EAMS provides a form to request the filling of an employment position, maintains the present status of that request, provides access to the details of candidates pre-screened by Personnel, and enables the user to flag applications for further action.

For the Personnel Department, EAMS provides a form to post available positions, then retrieve and review applications for those positions. The system automatically keeps track of begin and expiration dates, so information may be entered at any time.

EAMS also provides for communication between Personnel and the Board of Education for requesting and acting upon approval for position advertisements and applicant selection.

Is EAMS easy to learn and use?

Based on our years of experience in creating user-friendly web sites, we've designed EAMS to be extremely easy to learn and use, even for computer novices.  In most cases, no special training or instructions are required.  Users simply follow onscreen prompts to access or update information.  Authorized users are permitted to make changes only to their designated pages.  Even if errors occur, they're instantly and easily correctable.

Is special equipment required?

EAMS is an Internet based service of The Janus Group, Incorporated.  All program functions and information storage takes place on our dedicated servers.  There's nothing to be purchased or installed.  We handle setup and maintenance, so there's no added responsibility for your district's IT staff.

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