From planning and site design, through development, hosting, maintenance and site marketing, we have the flexibility to adapt our Janus system for your business or to create a customized web solution to fit your needs.

Dependability and speed is never an issue, with our servers sending your data to the internet backbone over dedicated T1 lines. Continuous service is a guarantee.

You receive interruption-free power backup support, 24-hour monitoring and backups for disaster recovery. Our technicians continually monitor your site, and service representatives respond to your needs.

When anyone wants to browse your website or use one or the multitude of functional Janus applications, it will be ready!


Janus offers 24/7 maintenance of your new or existing site, on your server or ours, keeping your information current. This removes the burden of site maintenance from typically overworked technical staff.

As your site grows in sophistication and size, keeping it up to date can become problematic for your in-house technology specialists who are already busy keeping the equipment updated, networked, and working properly in a multitude of locations.

First class web applications can benefit by oversight from professionals who use the technology everyday.  To borrow a well-known bus company's slogan, we think that you will benefit if you “leave the driving to us”.


We have adopted strict C2 security criteria for our servers, protecting your information and communications with SSL3 encryption and VeriSign’s Server Digital ID's.



Review the details of our security system and an explanation of the criteria.