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Developed in cooperation with working school districts.
Where appropriate, you are provided with live, real school examples.


Our arsenal of on-line functions for services gives you the critical option of adding money saving features to your new or existing internal and external communication programs.

Without the purchase of expensive and quickly outdated equipment, without the usual programming design expenses, and without taking chunks of your technical staff's time, you can expand the usefulness and cost effectiveness of your current web objectives, and do it immediately!



District Maintenance LT's District Maintenance LT is a complete order tracking system developed exclusively for small and mid-sized school districts.

With its easy, web based interface, authorized users can submit, review, and process service orders related to your school district's Building and Equipment Maintenance and Repair operations.

District Maintenance LT enables those responsible for placing, estimating, approving, and executing service requests to "handle the paperwork" wherever and whenever they have access to the Internet. 

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TransporTraxx is a complete computerized transportation management and tracking system specifically designed for school districts of all sizes.

TransporTraxx helps coordinate all aspects of your school districtís transportation needs. Through its easy, web-based interface, authorized users can enter, review, and process information required to arrange transportation for field trips, sports events or other school activities, calculate associated costs, and access historical reports of past activities.



Teacher Talk - an application that allows each teacher to have her own private memo board on the site to be used for announcements, homework assignments, links schedules etc. with her own username and password.

Can be accessed (for viewing only) by students, parents, administrators. HTML coding skills not required.



Web-Based Academic Improvement Plan System (AIP) Linking Staff Members, Teachers, Students and Parents in a partnered dynamic information system, tracking strategies of deficient students in the system who need more focused attention.




Alumni Registry - A whole new way, made available via the world wide web, for school systems to stay in touch with their former students. A database where alumnae can register their names, addresses and email addresses, and look for the names and email addresses of their friends.


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