Custom Web Site Design and Construction

Web sites from The Janus Group are as varied and unique as
our clients are.

 That's because each of our sites is custom made,  designed to address your express concerns of function and appearance.

An effective web site is much more than a collection of pages with pictures and text.  Our technicians consider each aspect of a site before the work begins.

We have many years experience in packaging clients' materials for efficient and effective display on the world wide web.  With our proven methodology and modular approach, combined with years of experience and attention to detail, The Janus Group will put your group, be it school system, business, or other organization, online with a site to be proud of.

We will design and construct a new site, always closely collaborating with you, our client, or we can enhance your present site with new functions, applications, graphics and navigation options.


Make the right impression with
Custom artwork for your site.

Whenever possible, we base the look of a site on your materials.  We don't really need much to work with.  For example, we took a black and white line-drawing from from a plain, standard envelope, and turned it into the striking image below:



Take a look at what we do with snapshots...

Click one time to open, click again to close. You can also click on the image to move it around!

Click Here To Open & Close Image 1

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The Janus Group offers everything from photograph manipulation to full commissioned artwork from professional graphic artists.  Of course, if you have your own art department, we'll convert their concepts for effective online presentation.



Animations and interactive components.

Used sparingly, animation and "effects" can enhance your site.  Unlike many online animations, ours display with no need for extra software on your or your visitor's computers.

We created this one from a photograph
of the Gymnasium floor:

Here's something "off the wall"
From a school mascot painted on the gymnasium wall  Go >


Interactive components range from "mouse-overs" like the one below to online quizzes, surveys, and more.

There's more to a site than meets the eye.
Move your mouse over the image above
for a glimpse behind the scenes.




The Janus Group provides an expanding lineup of customized online applications, web-based programs that can streamline your day-to-day operations and bring new levels of communications with your staff, prospects, constituents, and customers.



Navigation that makes sense.

The "best looking" web site in the world is useless if your users can't find their way around.  We pay particular attention to the underlying structure of your site, to ensure your contents will be readily and easily accessible.

We offer everything from conventional and frames based navigation to detailed flowcharting and fully directed systems.



Technical Considerations.

We have been dealing with online communications and computers since the 1980's.  Our technicians understand the limits of the Internet.   We consider things like baud rates and packet size, end-user screen resolution, browser choice, and navigation patterns, then make every effort to ensure your contents reach your target audience, and function as intended. 

Hosting, Maintenance, Security...


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