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Developed in cooperation with working school districts.
Where appropriate, you are provided with live, real school examples.

ESOL Online-  English for Speakers of Other Languages- Teacher training & certification program. Click here...

This workshop is appropriate for Category III instructional personnel as defined under the rules for ESOL training requirements.




Teacher Talk - Each teacher has her own private online memo board.  Use it for announcements, homework assignments, tt_image.GIF (3526 bytes) schedules, links, creative ways even we haven't yet imagined. 

All posting functions are
password protected, yet the board is easily accessed (for viewing only) by students, parents, administrators.  Very user friendly, special skills are fun, but optional.


Teacher Profiles - An indexed listing of teachers- each withClick here... photograph, educational background and personal philosophy.

Helps to foster more parent/teacher bonding and cooperation, and facilitates communication among teachers and staff.


Staff Development - A wealth of teacher opportunities for further education and inspiration.




Teacher Benefit Reference Library- Questions about benefits in your school district?  Click here...

Get the answers fast, online with a detailed summary of each benefit offered by your School System.




Teacher Handbook - An indexed, searchable, online version of the official teachers' handbook for your school district.Click here...


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